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woman handbuilding a vase
working with clay


My name is Adriana. I came in contact with art just like almost everyone else - as a child. During various arts & crafts classes I tried to learn how to work with clay, how to decorate flowerpots or to create decorative wreaths. However, many years have passed and I believe that my products also tell a different story.

I became truly interested in art after leaving Slovakia, after living in several countries where I always gained some new experience. My last destination was London where I immersed myself in working with clay. They taught me what tools to use or how to create beautiful objects without having to use a pottery wheel.

The ZENAE brand, also known as "woman to woman" in Slovak, is my first project which I would like to dedicate to all the women who have affected me throughout my life and shaped me into the woman I am now. It is also dedicated to the women we meet daily, whether it is at work, home or on the street. Round shapes, uniqueness and irregularity are the basic essence of every product I have created. Add eco materials and you have the result of my work.

I hope you enjoy my work.

Yours truly,


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